FW Bloom Growth through connection

Welcome to FW Bloom

Our mission at FW Bloom is to inspire positive individual growth in and around the Fort Worth area through art, educational, and community connecting events. Founded by an educator, a psychology major, and a mother to a child with special needs, we realize the importance of school, family and community in the lives of all youth. Many skills are gathered from these three areas including work ethic, stress coping strategies, learning empathy and social skills, and developing a moral code. We truly believe that community is a resource that should be free of charge and should be accessible for all, including those who have no religious affiliation. Our goal is to plant ideas of community especially in areas that might lack a positive and healthy school and family environment.

We plant ideas of community throughout the area by hosting large scale book swaps, throwing free painting events for all ages, and hosting events like Spin-A-Story that have friends and family laughing together while creating something unique to them. We are working on many projects outside of these events as well. This photo features one of our projects, our first FW Bloom Box, on display at it's home in Magnolia Micro Park. Painted and inspired by words of two local artists, Emily Abigail and Stephen Clark, this recycled newspaper box (donated by the Star Telegram) offers this area a chance to access a variety of written material as they make their way down Magnolia or Henderson. It brings the community together in a give and take relationship that is the inspiration behind the large scale book swaps as well. We are working on planting these FWBloom Boxes throughout the DFW metroplex containing the needs and wants of the locals who will be using it. We are also hard at work on developing a system to help students in different schools create their own greenhouses and set up a plan for them to successfully build and maintain their gardens. One more project that is near and dear to our hearts lies in connection to the book swaps and book swap boxes with the idea of grouping kids together by community to build support systems that work together and help each other grow using books as a common ground.

All of our projects and events are ran through donations and volunteers. We are always looking for members of the community who want to get involved in further developing our mission. We encourage anyone interested in getting involved to contact us. We'll update our site with more information about all of our projects and upcoming events as they develop.

                                                                     -Kelli, Erica, and Desiree